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During any event, stadiums and arenas could hold up to thousands of people emphasising the need for a successful fire safety strategy.

With the possibility of hosting anything from concerts to sporting events, a fire safety solution must be practical for the different scenarios.

Equally, with popular events, organisers must have efficient security solutions to maximise the safety of visitors against potential threats using barriers, CCTV and access controls.

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Why Fire Protection in Stadiums & Arenas?

Highly involved in the entertainment industry, stadiums and arenas host hundreds of events yearly attracting millions of audiences. With these high-capacity venues, it is important to understand the existing legislation to ensure that you are complying with fire safety regulations.

For example, the legislation in stadiums and arenas states that the organiser of events must plan, organise, control and review the necessary measures for ensuring that occupants of stadiums and arenas are safe.

Our dynamic experience boasts across a number of sectors which enables us to deliver unparallel solutions to building’s fire safety strategies. With each stadium and arena unique in its design, we are able to produce an equally unique approach to its fire safety using Active and Passive Fire Protection systems.

With large spaces containing hundreds to thousands of people, there are legal requirements regarding the types of protective systems you need including emergency exits. It is essential therefore to regularly service and maintain your fire defences including fire doors, mechanical smoke extractors and fire detection alarms so they are operating efficiently in the case of a fire.

Why Security in Stadiums & Arenas

With Stadiums and Arenas heavily populated, they are often prime targets for damage, theft and violence on a mass and frequent scale. A comprehensive security strategy encompassing Doors/Shutters/Barriers and Access Control enables for the restriction of occupants into selected areas.

This leads them to key point stages for bag searches, pat downs and ticket control to monitor who is entering and that they do not pose a large threat. Other security components such as CCTV and allows for real time visual monitoring of the event across the stadium or arena. 

Our Expertise

Since our foundation in 2008, we have developed a strong portfolio of projects. Shaped across numerous sectors, our experience enables us to deliver market leading and reliable systems specifically tailored to meet your particular needs.

Accredited with three third-party BM Trada Q-Mark installation and maintenance schemes (widely recognised as the most stringent and respected of standards) and having achieved a host of other accreditations, such as NSI Gold – Onyx Fire and Security have been professionally assessed for our capability to deliver high-quality solutions that comply with the relevant statutory regulations. 

Our competence in delivering regulatory compliant solutions with our experience in passive fire protection, active fire protection and security has led us to become an industry-leading company. 

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