The Healthcare sector is unique in being one of the only industries with buildings in use round the clock.

With its buildings ranging from large scale hospitals to small GP practices to pharmacies, the sector facilitates high amounts of occupants in any one day.

Our experience working with the healthcare sector demonstrates our capability in creating a fire and smoke safety strategy for high pressured environments. We have created high-quality solutions across the healthcare sector, including private and NHS Trusts.

We understand how many of these buildings operate and the importance of keeping patients safe in the event of a fire.

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Why Fire Protection in Healthcare?

Every building needs to ensure that they comply with fire building regulations; however, the healthcare sector must implement a fire safety strategy optimised to provide a safe environment where patients may be at exceptional risk.

Within many healthcare buildings, they store many flammable substances and other dangerous elements, including machines and gasses that may start or enhance a fire.

We can design innovative solutions using both Passive and Active Fire Protection strategies to reduce the spread of fire and simultaneously remove smoke from the building through our meticulous and detailed survey of a building. This provides occupants valuable time to escape and for firefighting services to contain the situation.

In the healthcare sector, reducing the spread of a fire is essential due to both the high quantity of occupants and vulnerable parents who may not be able to evacuate themselves.

Why Security in Healthcare?

With healthcare buildings often heavily populated, an intelligent security solution can work in tandem with your fire protective strategy. Access panels and intercoms can restrict access to areas with vulnerable patients, equipment and medical supplies to authorised personnel.

Equally, security personnel can comprehensively monitor the building remotely through our CCTV systems to detect patient safety threats. These threats can shape themselves in different forms, including abuse to the staff, patients and children abductions.

Through a holistic security strategy, a healthcare building can ensure the safety of all staff, patients, and visitors daily.

Our Expertise

Since our foundation in 2008, we have developed a strong portfolio of projects. Shaped across numerous sectors, our experience enables us to deliver market leading and reliable systems specifically tailored to meet your particular needs.

Accredited with three third-party BM Trada Q-Mark installation and maintenance schemes (widely recognised as the most stringent and respected of standards) and having achieved a host of other accreditations, such as NSI Gold – Onyx Fire and Security have been professionally assessed for our capability to deliver high-quality solutions that comply with the relevant statutory regulations. 

Our competence in delivering regulatory compliant solutions with our experience in passive fire protection, active fire protection and security has led us to become an industry-leading company. 

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