A comprehensive Design, Build, Maintain process ensuring compliance, safety and security. 

Our Solutions

Onyx Fire and Security provides high-quality fire and security services for a wide range of sectors across the UK. Our company has structured itself around three core services to facilitate the needs of our clients best:

These services are comprised of state of the art solutions dedicated to ensuring the protection of your building and occupants. Completed by experienced and knowledgeable teams, we deliver our clients’ projects on time and within budget.

Active Fire Protection

Active Fire Protection is dedicated to slowing down the spread of fire or smoke throughout a building offering occupants increased time and safer passage to escape. It also provides huge benefits to emergency services in improving their access to the building to fight the blaze.

Using mechanical fire and smoke components to monitor the building, mechanical solutions actively contribute to decelerating fires whilst containing and removing subsequent smoke.

Passive Fire Protection

Whereas Active Fire Protection uses mechanical systems to slow the spreading of fires, Passive Fire Protection (PFP) uses the building’s structural design to reduce the spread of fire.

A legal obligation in the UK, Passive Fire Protection solutions need to meet building regulations outlined by the government. Architects and developers are obligated to consider these measures when designing a building.

In the UK, it is the responsibility of the building shareholders, including managers and owners, to maintain the PFP solutions.


Fire protection solutions are often only a part of a building’s safety strategy. Our innovative solutions combine both the fire and security strategies into a single solution, ensuring your building is safe in any scenario.

With every building having a unique design, we pride ourselves in delivering our clientele solutions which maximise their security needs.

Advances in technology have increased threats to buildings and their occupants. As such, it is essential to adapt your methods of security to respond to an ever-growing threat level, regularly reviewing and updating your security solutions will ensure your building and occupants’ safety and security.

Our Security solutions employ both monitoring and physical systems. When integrated with a fire safety strategy, they form a comprehensive solution which can be maintained to leading industry regulations.

Our Security solutions benefit from our design, build and maintain approach, offering a superior solution, which the effectiveness and compliance of are guaranteed with regular maintenance schedules.

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