A comprehensive Design, Build, Maintain process ensuring compliance, safety and security. 

Our Solutions

Our company has structured itself around four core services to facilitate the needs of our clients:

These services are comprised of state-of-the-art solutions, completed by experienced and knowledgeable teams, with a passion for delivering customer success.

Mechanical & Electrical

Mechanical and Electrical fire protection systems combine several core products. These can include smoke extract fans, smoke and fire dampers, smoke vents and fire rated ductwork.

These elements create a solution that in the event of a fire or smoke being detected, combine to quickly remove smoke and prevent its rapid spread around the building, facilitating occupant evacuation and firefighter access.

Passive Fire Protection

Fire Stopping

Fire stopping is best defined as the sealing of any openings to prevent fire (including smoke and heat) from passing through multiple building compartments. The spread of a fire is contained by creating fire resisting compartments, which subdivide the building (vertically or horizontally).

Fire Doors

Fire doors are specially engineered doors designed to contain fire for a period of time. Fire doors work as part of a layered fire protection system within a building. Fire doors require test evidence or an assessment to prove they will meet their intended fire rating, to stop the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Engineering & Asset Management

Fire Engineering is the application of scientific and engineering principles, rules (Codes), and expert judgment, based on an understanding of the phenomena and effects of fire and of the reaction and behaviour of people to fire, to protect people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire.*

Onyx has an inhouse team to assist you with your buildings fire safety requirements, including updating existing, and creating retrospective fire strategies.

*As stated by the Fire Safety Advice Centre.

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