Public Sector Buildings

Public buildings span various industries, including libraries, museums, town and city halls and government offices.

It is crucial to ensure these buildings operate with an optimised fire strategy that ensures the safety of a high volume of visitors each year. 

Many public buildings, including museums, operate with considerable fire risk from their age and structural design. Our expert teams have researched and developed solutions for a wide range of clients across the public sector.

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Why Fire Protection in Public Buildings?

A legal requirement, fire suppression and protective solutions are necessary in all public sector buildings. Alongside ensuring occupants are safe and able to evacuate the building using cleared routes, these solutions can protect historic buildings from further damage when detecting a fire.

Previously, we have provided active and passive fire protection solutions to a range of companies operating in the public sector. Our approach takes into consideration the building’s original design to create fire safety solutions which minimalise the disruption to the building whilst providing maximum safety.

The high numbers of staff and visitors within public buildings present another fire safety consideration for safeguarding your business. With regulations on a building’s occupant capacity, it is important to always consider the maximum number of persons allowed entry in any one time and when the maximum amount has been reached how they will evacuate the building.

Why Security in Public Buildings?

With Public Buildings often containing classified information, priceless artifacts and highly valued artwork, designing, maintaining and installing competent solutions is essential for keeping the building, contents and occupants safe from potential threats.

A holistic security strategy encompasses both active and passive security measures including monitoring and restricting occupants’ access. Through a comprehensive consultation and walk-through of your building, we provide a detailed plan outlining the best security components to utilise and their optimal positioning for maximum security.

The strategies people use for theft and trespassing are becoming more and more advanced, as such your strategies need to evolve to meet this. Through consistently reviewing our suppliers, we provide our clients approved and regulated systems which are right for their needs.

Our Expertise

Since our foundation in 2008, we have developed a strong portfolio of experience ranging across the UK. Shaped across numerous sectors, our experience enables us to deliver leading and innovative solutions to your building derived from our healthcare and other sectors’ experience.

Within our projects, we ensure that we are producing innovative solutions and that they are compliant with leading regulations, including the regulatory reform (fire safety) order.

Accredited with three third-party BM Trada Q-Mark installation and maintenance schemes, Onyx Group Services have been professionally assessed in our capability to deliver high-quality fire door installation and maintenance and install fire stopping solutions.

Our competence in delivering regulatory compliant solutions with our experience in passive fire protection, active fire protection and security has led us to become an industry-leading company. This has resulted in our strong capability in providing innovative solutions based on unrivalled knowledge and expertise.

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