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Companies that operate in property management have an enormous duty of care to occupants residing in their properties.

At Onyx, we know that the properties in your portfolio vary; as such, the fire strategies you implement need to differentiate for each property.

With our vast experience, we can provide you with a bespoke fire strategy for each of your properties to maximise its occupants’ safety while optimising its space and design.

Ensure building safety throughout your portfolio with the aid of a dedicated fire company to provide a coherent design, build and maintenance of an efficient fire safety solution.

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Why Fire Protection in Property Management?

With the fire and smoke safety industry under scrutiny and industry professionals calling for stricter regulations and enforcement in building fire safety, your property portfolio must comply with these changing regulations.

With a portfolio often covering buildings across various industries, it is important to conduct a fire risk assessment to ensure your properties are compliant with leading industry regulations.

Using one dedicated company for your portfolio, you can ensure a coherent approach is taken across your portfolio while ensuring a compliant fire strategy, installation and maintenance of systems is being undertaken.

Equally, a property portfolio is a huge investment. As such, it is important to keep it as safe as possible; through investing in a comprehensive fire protection strategy, you can ensure the longevity of your building in the detection and slowing of smoke and fire.

Using active and passive fire protection solutions, you can ensure that you are prepared in emergency scenarios and can competently detect a fire, reduce its spread and create a clear means of evacuation through extracting smoke.

Why Security in Property Management?

With your property portfolio being so important to you, it is vital to keep it secure for its continual use and occupants’ safety. With the dynamic buildings within a portfolio, it is important to take the necessary security precautions right for the buildings’ context, including the building’s location and functionality, assessing the threat level.

Ultimately, installing security measures can provide peace of mind for yourself and tenants by reducing the threat of crime and ensuring that if theft or property damage occurs, it is monitored through comprehensive CCTV systems.

Our Expertise

Since our foundation in 2008, we have developed a strong portfolio of projects. Shaped across numerous sectors, our experience enables us to deliver market leading and reliable systems specifically tailored to meet your particular needs.

Accredited with three third-party BM Trada Q-Mark installation and maintenance schemes (widely recognised as the most stringent and respected of standards) and having achieved a host of other accreditations, such as NSI Gold – Onyx Fire and Security have been professionally assessed for our capability to deliver high-quality solutions that comply with the relevant statutory regulations.

Our competence in delivering regulatory compliant solutions with our experience in passive fire protection, active fire protection and security has led us to become an industry-leading company.

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