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We work closely with our clients and ensure that the demands of their business sector are met, understood and delivered successfully.

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The following roles are defined as responsible for ensuring the building at a minimum, meets legal requirements:


Our expertise has been honed while working across a range of sectors, which has armed us with a dynamic knowledge of our industry.


A diverse sector with round the clock building use, our work in healthcare shows our ability to create fire safety solutions for high-pressure environments. With these buildings facilitating flammable chemicals, gasses and high numbers of vulnerable people, fire strategies must account for every scenario.
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With many occupants in educational buildings, it is essential for comprehensive Fire and Security systems that encompass both active and passive measures. With most educational buildings occupied by youth, it is imperative fire systems efficiently reduce the spread of fires for students' evacuation and continual safeguarding.
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Construction brings a high level of fire risks due to electrical cables, flammable gasses, and dry wood. To minimise the risk of fires, appropriate solutions which comply with leading regulations must be met alongside a fire control specialist consulting on the site's needs.
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Property Management

Those operating in Property Management have an enormous duty of care to occupants residing in them. At Onyx, we know that the properties in your portfolio; as such, the fire strategies you implement need to differentiate for each property.
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Facilities Management

Those responsible for facility management are required to conduct fire risk assessments designed to ensure your facility is complying with the Regulatory Fire Reform (Fire Safety) Order.
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Stadiums & Arenas

During any event, stadiums and arenas could hold up to thousands of people emphasising the need for a successful fire safety strategy which must be practical for several different scenarios.
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Public Sector Buildings

Public buildings span various industries, including libraries, museums, town and city halls and government offices. It is crucial to ensure these buildings operate with an optimised fire strategy that ensures the safety of a high volume of visitors each year.
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Housing Association

It is important to remember that there are regulations for commercial and residential buildings, but these also apply to rented or tenanted accommodation. Where this is the case, the responsibility falls upon the landlord.
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Shopping Centres

A shopping centre can contain hundreds of different individual shops attracting thousands of visitors a year to the centre. With numerous entrances and exits, indoor and exterior car parks and restaurants, an in-depth and comprehensive Fire and Security strategy must be in place to ensure the building and occupant's safety.
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