Shopping Centres

A shopping centre can sometimes contain hundreds of different individual shops attracting up to thousands of visitors a year to the shopping centre.

With numerous entrances and exits, indoor and exterior car parks and restaurants, there are a large number of fire hazards which must be accounted for.

In order to protect the occupants, it is imperative a coherent Fire and Security solution be designed factoring in fire risks and hazards throughout the centre.

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Why Fire Protection in Shopping Centres?

Especially common in larger shopping centres, the shops inside have a background in different industries which contain fire risks in their own context alongside the risks associated with the building.

These risks include heavy machinery, electronics, wires and flammables which amongst others can potentially be an extremely dangerous fire hazard for your building. As such, your design will need to facilitate solutions for this including both active and passive fire protection for the maximum protection of the centre. 

Why Security in Shopping Centres?

Shopping centres host a wide variety of shops and poses a large threat level from thievery and damage. Often selling high priced and valuable items, competent security measures must be in place to secure the assets and shops against thieving and damage. 

The use of security cameras often acts as a deterrent for individuals intending to commit a crime, however, if the crime is still conducted, they play a pivotal role in the identification of the responsible individual.

Alongside product theft, shopping centres have been known to be subjected to large amounts of property damage during opening and closing hours. Intruder alarms and access control provides further security to restricted areas of a centre or when it is not being operating alerting and recording the area being entered.

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Since our foundation in 2008, we have developed a strong portfolio of projects. Shaped across numerous sectors, our experience enables us to deliver market leading and reliable systems specifically tailored to meet your particular needs.

Accredited with three third-party BM Trada Q-Mark installation and maintenance schemes (widely recognised as the most stringent and respected of standards) and having achieved a host of other accreditations, such as NSI Gold – Onyx Fire and Security have been professionally assessed for our capability to deliver high-quality solutions that comply with the relevant statutory regulations. 

Our competence in delivering regulatory compliant solutions with our experience in passive fire protection, active fire protection and security has led us to become an industry-leading company. 

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