Our Security solutions benefit from our design, build and maintain approach, offering a superior solution

What is Security?

Advances in technology have increased threats to buildings and their occupants. As such, it is essential to adapt your methods of security to respond to an ever-growing threat level, regularly reviewing and updating your security solutions will ensure your building and occupants’ safety and security.

Our Security solutions benefit from our design, build and maintain approach, offering a superior solution, which the effectiveness and compliance of are guaranteed with regular maintenance schedules.


Competent security solutions are essential for the continual running of your building and businesses. Through investing in security, you and your occupants have peace of mind facing new threats. 


It it the building manager or owner’s responsibility for the safeguarding of the building and occupants. Through providing security measures, occupants are safe and the building monitored no matter the situation. 


Our security recommendations are based off a survey of your building assessing it’s location and sector. This enables us to discover the threat level and provide the maximum security necessary. 

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Elements of Security?

Active Fire Protection entails a complete system of components working in unision to provide effective smoke clearance from a building and paramount safety to its occupants.


An essential part of any security system, a closed-circuit television (CCTV) allows for the monitoring and surveillance of a particular area which can be either monitored live or recorded and saved for a later date.

Optimising CCTV ensures your building’s safety against several threats and can be used to protect high-value areas and items within your building. Whilst this ensures your security, there are stringent regulations that need to be followed when operational, including GDPR, the amount in any area, and the location they are viewing.

Through a considerate review of your building, we can produce a security solution designed around your security needs whilst factoring in legislation during their installation.

Alongside a plan for routine maintenance, which is essential to ensure optimum performance.

Access Control

An access control solution is useful across industries where the need for restricting entry for personnel or vehicles further protects your company, assets and people. Our advanced systems offer a multitude of optional functions including:

These advanced features enable building managers to restrict residents of a building’s entry to specified individuals with personalised access methods to identify who is entering and when.

Access Control is useful for buildings with the need to restrict entry and secure valuable items. Our experience of providing access control to singular doors, PC based systems and integrated solutions across multiple sites enables us to design and install bespoke solutions to meet your building’s needs.

Intruder Detection

An intruder detection system identifies the attempted entry or break-in into a chosen building, room or other area triggering an alarm on the premises alerting chosen individuals.

With break-ins a constant threat for any building and the equipment being used to assist more advanced than ever, it is important your intruder detection systems are reflecting this.

Our use of wireless alarms allows for undetectable solutions to be design that offer minimal disruption to your building.


An intercom is an additional security for any building wanting to restrict the entry to authorised individuals without giving access keys or codes. A two-way system, an individual, presses the button on an intercom by the door to give information including name and possibly purpose.

The responsibly nominated person can then either ask further questions, open the locked door remotely or refuse entry. This system can log who is coming into the building and control how many people are occupying the building at any one stage maximising the building’s security and helping in the case of an evacuation knowing who is in the building.


Doors, shutters and barriers are an integral part of any planned security system and can be manually and remotely operated to ensure the building and occupants’ protection.

A security door is primarily built to prevent the entry of unauthorised personnel from entering the area. Made for maximum protection, a security door possesses a stronger lock than a regular door preventing individuals from breaking it down.

Made from a stronger material, these doors can protect your building from intense weather, preventing them from blowing in during harsh storms due to their heavy materials and sturdy construction.

A security shutter is implemented on a property to protect against any forced entry. Shutters are available for a range of entry points including windows, doors and building entrances. Made sturdily from strong materials, a shutter can deter and prevent individuals from breaking into a building by preventing their access to doors and windows.

A security barrier restricts entry to a specific location using a physical structure to deter access. Our designed solutions vary entirely depending on your building and it’s needs, including a car park barrier, gates and bollards to deter entry onto the premises.

A security barrier’s function can also vary. They can be operated remotely or using individual access points to remove the barrier or be a fixed strategy ultimately deterring all building access.

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